Fedora Gold

Access a secure VPN, tip, and purchase from anywhere with the Fedora Gold FED coin, built by the Fedora Project, a CryptoNote based network that's fast and private.
Your wallet, and your network traffic, are yours alone to see. FED also supports in-wallet mining; earn money while you browse the network!


Your Fedora wallet can securely Tip, Pay and Receive FED Gold with some of the fastest network times around. Transactions will typically confirm within seconds! We have built in the best of privacy features - your wallet secures your FED coin in total privacy, while FED coin transactions remain visible on the Fedora Gold explorer.Blockchain Explorer

Prefer working from the command line?

Download the Linux CLI wallet


The Fedora Gold FED coin is traded at meroex.com and altilly.com

We are about to list FED coin on Unnamed Exchange - a leading platform with a focus on user privacy and with NO KYC! Stay tuned for the listing date

Trading pairs include BTC, ETHER, DOGE and USDT

Fedora Gold Evolution - the Details

Fedora Gold (FED coin) launched in SEP 2018. The FED coin is part of the CryptoNote family, using a highly customised CryptoNight V7 mining algorithm. This is key to our goals of increasing the value and reach of Fedora, enhancing the tech fundamentals and providing a foundation for future development.
The FED coin CryptoNote platform supports the Fedora roadmap use cases that are essential for a state of the art crypto-currency:

  • Super Fast Transactions
  • Fully private holdings
  • ASIC Resistant Mining
  • Mobile first GUI wallets


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